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About Us

Herox Technologies is an innovative company aimed at proffering solutions. It was founded on in 2016 and was later incorporated in the early months of the year 2020. The team has continually worked tirelessly to ensure that we deliver nothing but quality and customers are 100% satisfied. Herox Technologies is an innovative technology solution based company aimed at developing creative, prudent, and protected means for all operations in various areas of life. We dignify our flawless capabilities and skills to offer revolutionary innovation in technology and even the world at large which is intended to meet all our customer's needs.

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Core Values

Our customers are our most valuable assets and top priority and we handle different threats and problems with the best and most effective techniques. Our core values are; Excellence, Integrity, Innovation, Efficiency, Accountability, Consistency, Reliability, Commitment, Positivity, Quick Product Delivery

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with a secure, effective, innovative, and reliable solution structure, utilizing our innovative mastery which encloses all parts of life and also renews significance to the market's progressive cycle of distribution, through our various technologies.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be the largest innovative solution center in the world. Offering our customers easy and fast accessibility to innovative technology proficiency, we are aimed at establishing a stride for technology and solutions marketing all over the world.


Our Services include but are not limited to; Software Development, Software Debugging, Software Maintenance, Software Upgrade, Software Consultancy and Smart Systems Infusion.

Software Development

We develop and regulate creative software to meet our client needs and requirements.

Software Consultancy

We are available round the clock to listen to your software related concerns and provide innovative solutions to them

Software Maintenance

We are here to guarantee that software is properly maintained to boost performance to meet customer needs and is also at its best in delivery.

Software Upgrade

Our team of experts is always prepared to give our clients quick and secure access to the newest versions of the technology.

Software Debugging

We test, detect, and eliminate existing or possible errors, bugs, and defects in software code.

Smart Systems Infusion

We totally convert systems from traditional ones to smart systems using Artificial Intelligence

Our Portfolio

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Hire top talent

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Kapiti Eats

Food ordering system

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Dress Up

Dress up with ease

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Philippines Travel Tracker

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Smart Booking System

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easy mapping for hunters

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